Hi, I'm Carol Warkoczewski, and it is my great pleasure to speak to you about the event that I am organizing, Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP) Forum, which will be held on Friday, February 27, 2009, in Austin, Texas.

At the LinCP Forum, college and university owners, construction contractors, project designers, and topic experts will address current issues facing the delivery of higher education projects, as well as exploring solutions, thus leading to a more sustainable industry and improved project conclusions.

One of my key practices is to facilitate Partnering and Owner’s Project Requirements workshops, which are always project-specific. I decided to organize the LinCP Forum after considering how successful these workshops are, through the use of collaborative techniques that build trust, improve communications, and solve problems. I decided that this process could be applied on a broader aspect (rather than just project-focused) to my key industry focus, the design and construction industry, and specifically to higher education, which has its own unique culture and concerns.

Based on my recent survey, the issues of most concern to the LinCP Forum’s target audience are (in order of importance):

#1: Project budget and financing

#2: Communication

#3: Project scheduling or delays

#4: Leadership

The LinCP Forum will be focused on both understanding the issues and exploring solutions. I look forward to sharing lively discussion and exchange of creative ideas on this blog with you, prior to the event, and anticipate additional discussions afterwards.

I invite you to visit the LinCP Forum web site (www.LinCP.com) and participate in our survey, sign up as a participant or even a valued sponsor. Check out our press release for even more event details.