What Is the LinCP Forum? - Benefits to Construction/Design Business

I conceived of the LinCP Forum in early 2008 as I contemplated the question, "What would it look like if the three key stakeholder constituents involved in capital projects got together to talk about contemporary issues in a collaborative way?"

You see, as an architect, project manager, and assistant director at various architectural firms and the University of Texas System, I was involved in the conception, planning, design, construction, and management of many major projects. As well, my work as a consultant, and Owner Project Requirements and Partnering process facilitator has brought me into the midst of the planning and delivery of over 75 capital projects for higher education and governmental/institutional Owners, of various types, sizes, and constituent make-up.

During the process of Partnering, the three key project stakeholders (Owner, Contractor and Architect/Engineer) discuss project goals, team values and behaviors, effective communications, expectations, and project issues, but always focused on a specific project.

So, I wondered if it would be of value to invite a "few" of my clients and project constituents to a "conversation" that was industry-focused, rather than project focused. As I bounced this idea off some of my clients, I received warm encouragement. Thus, the Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP) Forum was born.

The first event was held on February 27, 2009, just when many institutional Owners received the word that they needed to cut back on expenses and that some projects may be delayed. Rather than canceling or delaying the LinCP Forum, I decided that it was actually the BEST time for people to come together and express their concerns, as well as look for solutions. This first event was a fabulous success.

My intention was to see how this first event went, then probably do another "annual" event in 2010. Well, I am still planning on the Feb. 24-26, 2010 2nd Annual LinCP Forum in Austin. However, what I had not originally planned on was the request from the Feb. 2009 attendees to do these events more often and do them regionally!

Having thus heard from my own constituents, I girded my loins and decided to produce two more events this year: June 18-19 in San Antonio, and October 15-16 in Dallas. I hired Earson Marketing to assist me, and we were on our way...

It is my pleasure to be able to bring the design and construction community, with Owner representatives, together at these events. I look forward to collaborative dialog at the June 18-19 event as well as at future events.

Please share information about the LinCP Forum with everyone you know!

Registration deadline for the June 18-19 (1/2 days) LinCP Forum is June 10!

Detailed event info and links to fees and registration: www.LinCP.com