Can IPD Solve Our Problems?

Yesterday I had a great conversation with an attorney in the construction industry, who said (and I am paraphrasing) that Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a contractual way to MAKE people collaborate. He continued to say that if team members really focused on the good of the project there would be little need for IPD.

As I do my work the most important driver I see around a project having a positive outcome for everyone is first, TRUST, and second, effective COMMUNICATION. Good and effective communication and information sharing follows trust.

I think any tool that can increase these is good. The Partnering process assists this, as can software project management systems such as eBuilder, MySmartPlans, etc.

What IPD, (or any contractual process), BIM, etc. do NOT do, is MAKE people behave in certain ways. They can assist, but not force. If there is one key decision maker that is the bottle neck, that one person can hinder the project.

My point here is that the "next, newest thing" cannot take the place of effective communication, trust-building (and keeping), and personal and group accountability.

Founder of Leadership in Capital Projects Heads Workshop at 23rd Anniversary of Executive Women in Texas Government Conference

Contact: Carol Warkoczewski
Office: 512-263-5521
Cell: 512-914-1201

Lost Pines, TX, Carol Warkoczewski, founder of Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP) Forum, will speak on The Speed of Trust: Using This One Factor to Improve Communications and Accountability, at the 23rd annual Executive Women in Texas Government Professional Development Conference.

Warkoczewski’s workshop subject is fueled by her mission of the LinCP Forum. The forum brings together major capital project constituents for collaborative dialog around timely and compelling design and construction industry issues and interests.

Collaboration and cooperation between key parties saves money and precious time by avoiding project delays. LinCP Forum attendees improve their projects through learning the types of trust necessary for effective work and accountability.

“How well you communicate and share information can directly contribute to how well you trust another,” Warkoczewski elaborated. “Trust can make or break a team, office or organization.”

The EWTG Conference will be held November 23, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines near Bastrop, Texas. The conference provides opportunities for leadership development skills for multiple career levels.

The next LinCP Forum is October 15-16, 2009 in Irving, Texas. The Forum focus is on project delivery methods. Corporate sponsorships at various levels are still available. For more information on the LinCP Forums, contact Carol Warkoczewski at 512-263-5521 or visit the LinCP Forum website:

Carol Warkoczewski, RA, MSOLE, is a registered architect and owner of Synergy Builders, which was founded in 2001 to help her clients produce effective, successful projects and to enhance leadership, team, project, and organizational success. She focuses her work building more effective, synergistic leaders and teams, which improves the effectiveness of their projects and organizations.