Public Seminar on:

Dealing With Conflict -
in the Workplace or Anyplace!

Conflict is a normal part of everyday life. The question is not "Can I avoid it?" but rather "How can I best deal with it?"

Wherever there are two or more people, conflict will occur, and whether it is a business-related issue or a personal disagreement, how you deal with these conflicts will affect your relationships, your personal, team, and organizational effectiveness, and your project and business outcomes.

Address the costs of conflict!

How does your conflict style affect your personal, team, and organizational effectiveness?

How can your team respond and work through disagreements in a way that will actually enhance their teamwork and reduce the costs of conflict?

We will cover:
  • Your personal conflict style
  • The five ways of dealing with conflict
  • The best conflict resolution style to use for different conflict situations
  • Rebuilding broken trust
  • The process of collaboration
  • This is an activity-based course and is an exceptional leadership and team-building experience.
  • $245/person
  • $205/person for 3 or more persons from same organization
  • $185/person for Public sector/Non-profit organizations

Includes: Self-assessment; Participant Coursebook; Lunch; Snacks

Registration is due 14 days prior to course date