Partnering is a voluntary, organized process by which two or more organizations having shared interests perform as a team to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Learn more...

Project Realignment
When a project is breaking down there are usually many symptoms. Synergy Builders will work with your project team to discover the issues and root cause(s) and develop solutions that can be implemented immediately to address the issues, and build processes that will produce long-term positive outcomes. Learn more...

Owner's Project Requirements (OPR)
The OPR process and document provides early identification of project scope and requirements through an inclusive process. Learn more...

Building a Breakthrough Team
The “Building a Breakthrough Team” course is presented in a series of five (5) modules. In this course you will learn the key components of teamwork and a teamwork model that will assist you and your teams towards breakthrough results.

Strategic Planning, Meeting, and Retreat Facilitation
Having a designated, third-party facilitator will help all attendees focus on the subject at hand. A facilitator "makes easy!" We utilize a number of facilitation techniques to ensure full participation, buy-in, and creative thinking. Learn more...

Managing Conflict in the Workplace
Seminar for everyone (one-day): "How to Resolve Conflict with Others"
Seminar for managers (one-and a half-days): "How to Manage Workplace Conflict" Learn more...

Dealing with Conflict
Address the organizational and team cost of conflict! This workshop can be delivered in a 1/2 day or one-day format, depending on your needs. The "Dealing with Conflict" 360-degree feedback instrument gives each person a starting point to understand their conflict style, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style, and move your team and organization to effectively dealing with conflict.

Organizational Leadership Assessment
The OLA® uses an on-line, employee-accessed instrument to evaluate your organizational around the six key characteristics of organizational health: Value People, Display Authenticity, Build Community, Share Leadership, Develop People, and Provide Leadership. I will work with your organization to deliver the results in a meaningful way to your leadership group and workforce, and put together a blueprint for organizational health improvements that will improve your company's culture as well as employees' satisfaction and effectiveness.

Culture Change Implementation
Understand how and why CULTURE affects how we act. Understand what drives your corporate culture as a first step to reaching alignment between how the culture is today and where wants and needs to be for sustainable growth and success. Learn more...

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at Work
Healthy Emotions (EQ)+ Clear Thinking + Appropriate Action = Success
We need to think and act upon a solid foundation of EQ to live and achieve at our best.
Learn how the four dimension of EQ affect your personal and work life. Improve your relationships and teamwork! Learn more...

Learn over Lunch
These one to two hour programs provide a quick and easy learning opportunity. Learn valuable communication skills and build team rapport. Current topics include: "Enhance Your Project's Success Through Partnering"; "Face-to-face Communicating to Influence and Achieve Results" ; "Effective Listening Skills" ; "Understand Your (and Your Workmates') Operating Styles," "Building Community Partnerships and Transforming Conflict." Or, have us build one specifically for your needs! Learn more...

Leadership Coaching
A leadership coaching experience is built around a specific need in development that exists for the Learner. Learn more...

Other Subjects:
  • "Six Hat Thinking"
  • Increasing communication effectiveness
  • Ethical Leadership (using the Ethical Type Indicator®)
  • Team and project assessments using InSIGHT®
  • Leadership development through the Leadership Practices Inventory®
  • Team building and alignment
  • Addressing project issues
  • Understanding personal and team styles using Martin Operating Styles® and The People Process®
  • Strategic planning
  • 360 degree assessments (leaders, teams and organizations)