Culture Change

What is CULTURE and why is it important?

Culture is the sea we swim in... it usually lies below our everyday awareness... it is made up of our values and beliefs, and these values and beliefs guide our behaviors. In any kind of country, city, community, organization, group, team, or family it is made up of the combined personal values and beliefs of its members. It can also be highly impacted (positively or negatively) by influential leaders.

The closer these combined, group values mesh with our personal values and beliefs, the more harmonious we will feel in our surroundings.

We will often modify our behaviors, to match or blend into the culture in which we live or work. This can help to provide UNITY and CONSISTENCY within a community of people; however, it may also cause anxiety as we wrestle with internal incongruity.

Is "CULTURE" always GOOD? Well, Yes and No... !
  • It is possible to have a culture of SILENCE, when speaking up is the better thing to do...
  • It is possible to have a culture of SECRECY when transparency is the better way to be...
  • It is possible to change a culture of negativity INTO a culture of POSSIBILITIES , creativity, and full human potential!
Synergy Builders suggests TWO TOOLS to assess an organization's current culture and organizational health. This is a first step to producing a plan to develop the organization:
1. Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)

CTT provides powerful information to help organizations understand what drives their corporate culture.
It is a first step to reaching alignment between how the culture is today, and where it wants/needs to be for sustainable growth and success. It does this by getting at the bottom-line behavioral drivers - our values.

There are a number of CTT products, ranging from individual assessments, leadership assessments, team assessments, and corporate/organizational assessments. A number of demographics and organizational “slices” can be assessed, and different languages utilized for global corporations.

Corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations are using these tools to:
  • Support leaders in building values-driven organizations
  • Design, implement, and monitor cultural transformation programs
  • Determine the organization's current and desired cultural values
  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Identify cultural strengths and gaps
  • Design leadership development programs
  • Increase creativity and commitment.
Synergy Builders can help to improve the culture of your organization by first, assessing where you are currently and where you want to go, and then implementing changes throughout the organization in an organized and progressive way.
2. Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA)

What is a healthy organization? Why do organizations so often fall short of their potential? Why do workers report that they are working at low levels of productivity? What would it take for your organization to fulfill its mission and reach its vision while developing healthy, productive workers? What kind of leadership could make this happen?

The OLA assesses organizational health based on six key areas of effective organizational leadership. These key areas of organizational and leadership practice are critical to achieving optimal organizational health.

Healthy Organizations...
  • Display Authenticity
  • Value People
  • Develop People
  • Build Community
  • Provide Leadership
  • Share Leadership
Is your organization able to reach its potential? Unfortunately, few ever do. Yet, there are some organizations that move beyond good to become great and have discovered the secret of developing a healthy, servant-minded culture that maximizes the best of their workforce and their leadership. You can have that kind of organization.

The Organizational Leadership Assessment evaluates organization health to create healthy, servant-minded organizations enabling them to reach their potential.