Managing Conflict


Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Carol Warkoczewski is a certified trainer in conflict management with the Mediation Training Institute International.

Dealing With Conflict

Address the organizational and team cost of conflict!

How does your conflict style affect your team and organizational effectiveness?
Have you ever wondered...

“What’s the right thing to do when I have a conflict involving someone I work (or live) with?” or,

“One of my team members is having a conflict with someone else – how can I help them resolve this?”

Wherever there are two or more people, conflict will occur, and whether it is a business-related issue or a personal “disagreement,” how you deal with these conflicts will affect your relationships, your personal and organizational effectiveness, and your project and business outcomes.

UNRESOLVED CONFLICT WILL “LEAK” OUT, whether we are aware of it or not! Withholding information, not returning phone calls, yelling, and pre-empting, are ways we may experience unresolved conflict…

How well do you and your colleagues address conflict?

Unfortunately, most of us have not observed or been taught the skills we need to constructively manage conflict, whether it is with those we work with directly, or to assist those we supervise.

These two seminars in Managing Conflict in the Workplace will teach you how to replace “wrong,” ineffective behaviors with the right behaviors.
How can your team respond and work through disagreements in a way that will actually enhance their teamwork and reduce the costs of conflict?

The "Dealing with Conflict" 360-degree feedback instrument gives each person a starting point to understand their conflict style, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style, and move your team and organization to effectively dealing with conflict by moving into a collaborative mode.

Depending on your needs and the length of the workshop, we will cover:

  • Exploring conflict
  • Understand your style
  • When and how to use each style
  • How to raise your conflict IQ
  • Advanced techniques for competition and collaboration
  • How to build employee motivation
This workshop can be delivered in a 1/2 day or one-day format, depending on your needs. It can be delivered on-site or off-site.

One-day open-enrollment workshop on Dealing With Conflict:

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