"What Happened?"

Project issues are usually the result of a combination of factors - some within your control, and others that are outside of anyone's control. When a project is breaking down there are usually many symptoms.

Symptoms vs. Causes

Project teams often find it expedient to mask symptoms through short-term work-arounds. Unfortunately, this usually does not address the problem for the future, so people will wonder why the same problem keeps coming up, and unresolved conflict will show up in other ways.

Through a series of processes Synergy Builders will work directly with your project team to untangle the symptoms from the causes. An outside third-party can often see the "elephant in the room" that becomes covered up in ineffective structure and processes, unresolved conflict and poor communications.

Synergy Builders will work with your project team to cut through the mire to discover the issues and root cause(s) and develop solutions that can be implemented immediately to address the issues, and build processes that will produce long-term positive outcomes.